Nana Thai Food, Golden Mile Complex – Singapore

I’m not sure if you can tell, but this week has definitely started of with an eating binge. To commemorate one of my lovely teammate’s Ami’s move, we had dinner at Nana Thai Food at Golden Mile Complex. On a sidenote, I actually enjoy working with my colleagues and am thankful for that. I actually take comfort in the knowledge that my team works hard together. (Just sayin’ it as it is)

This is my first time ever at Golden Mile Complex and it literally feels like a mini Thailand. Think heaps of small thai restaurants amongst thai discos and pubs (amongst other things). It does look a bit dodgey when you enter, but the food is as authentic as it gets.

In summary, we had the
– pineapple fried rice x2
– green thai curry chicken x2
– tom yum soup x2
– mango salad x2
– sliced beef salad x1
– kang kong x1
– baby kailan with oyster sauce x1
– minced pork and chicken with basil stir fry x 2

IMG_1522 IMG_1523 IMG_1524 IMG_1526

It’s authentic thai food especially for those deprived and stuck in Singapore and not on the beach soaking up the sunshine in Phuket or wandering the streets of Bangkok. And it’s very cheap too. The whole meal cost us about $16 per head. Definitely recommended. Though the location is a tad bit inaccessible.

Favourite – tomyum soup which was well balanced and not too spicy.

Apologies for the blurry photos, they were taken with my iPhone 4S and besides we were too hungry to really document them. As you know, this blog is a personal / lifestyle blog and not really a food blog per se. It’s more of an outlet for my to document my musings and culinary ‘adventures’ in Singapore. So, that one day I can look back at these photos and go “oh I remember that time when….”

Nana Thai Restaurant
5001 Beach Road #01-51/52/66C
Golden Mile Complex Singapore

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